Young female professionals and students at Afua Osei’s Beauty & Brains

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Afua Osei, Miss Ghana USA Global Ambassador, and WolfPack Entertainment hosted  young women at the iSpace Foundation office in Accra for the first Beauty & Brains workshop for professional development.   Presentations were made on several topics including how to maintain a weave, and a natural hair, building a work place wardrobe, how to tell your story to investors and more. The audience of about 30 women seemed engaged. They asked for tips,  from aloe vera for hair to managing risks in a start up.

Sponsors and partners were: Twists & Locs Natural Hair Salon, Royale Court Hair, Sparke & Shine Salon, GAIN – Ghana Angel Investors Network, Miss Ghana USA, Acumen Fund, and Hub Accra.

About Beauty & Brains culled from event flyer
For many young women who are no longer in school and don’t work for a large company there are very few opportunities to continue to build up their professional skills and gain advice and knowledge on their careers. This event is designed to fill in the gaps with topics that are important but are typically passed along through private networks instead of shared in an open and honest setting. My desire is that participants leave excited, inspired, and informed and take advantage of additional opportunities to grow.


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