Video | Feminism through the eyes of men


Meet Don McPherson. He is a former NFL quarterback and self proclaimed feminist and we love him.

What can men do? Men do not just need to stop being violent. The vast majority of men are not violent. But men do need to stop being silent. Calling violence against women, whether street harassment or sexual harassment or rape or murder, a ‘women’s issue’ allows men to ignore it as if we have no responsibility for it or stake in ending it. We all have grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and female friends and colleagues. Our lives are inextricably interwoven; women’s issues of safety and equality directly affect our lives as men. Beyond that, women are humans, with the same rights to safety and freedom as men. It is therefore our moral responsibility to not remain silent or passively on the sidelines, but to be actively engaged in confronting this problem in every corner of homes, communities, and societies. – Don McPherson via


Why do we love him? Because we know for a fact that unless women and men come together on issues pertaining to equality, unless we unite to fight the battle against sexism, sexual harassment, sexual violence and misogyny, equality would remain an ideal that we long for.

Al Jazeera’s The Stream investigates feminism through the eyes of men. But is there a disconnect for the majority? Stand out moment from the video for me came from a tweet that was shared; “Because men don’t text each other that they got home safe.” Food for thought.


In the aftermath of Elliot Rodger’s misogyny-fueled killing spree, #YesAllWomen emerged as ladies began airing everyday anecdotes of mistreatment, violence and harassment. Online, some men seemed shocked by the revelations, while others responded defensively with #NotAllMen. So, can men ever fully understand the daily fears and sexism experienced by women? And what role do men play in feminism and the discussion itself? We speak with an all-male panel to find out. 



Sources: Jeff PearlmanAl  Jazeera 

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