POLL: Ode To The Beard Gang

I thought I belonged to a small group of women with excellent taste trolling the #beardgang hashtag but it turns out our sexual attraction to a full beard has more to do with evolution than our personal preferences.

According to researchers in Australia who published their findings in the Royal Society Journal of Biology Letters, “beards and clean-shaven faces are both more appealing when they are rare”. They say this phenomenon; “negative frequency-dependent sexual selection” is actually just evolution. People with rare traits have an advantage over those who have traits that are easily found. So if everyone is clean-shaven then the minority who have beards seem more attractive and vice versa. Apparently beards go in and out of style every 30 years and peaked in 2013.

While this absolutely makes sense to me, I know that there are some women who no matter how rare or common a full beard, they always prefer a clean-shaven man. And those who no matter the hour prefer facial hair. I for one have always preferred a man who was clean but not overly groomed. A man should look like a man, and a full beard is one of if not the ultimate symbol of masculinity.  While I find men without facial hair also attractive, I must admit that these days when I walk into a room, I look first for a member of the beard gang and only entertain the hair-frees in dire situations.

As proof of the hotness of a beard – as if you needed any convincing, I have selected some of my favorite African members of the Beard Gang from Nigeria, to Benin. My advice to the fellas is that even if you can’t have a full beard like my boo M.anifest, at the least carry a 7-day stubble like Fally Pupa.

Here in order of gorgeous beardedness are my celebrity picks of members of the illustrious league of the Beard Gang:



Manifest (Ghana) | Images source: Facebook.Com/Manifestations




Alim Kamara (Sierra Leone) | Image source: AlimKamara.Com



Phyno (Nigeria) | Image source: OkayAfrica.Com


Fally Ipupa (Congo) | Image source: Facebook.Com/FallyIpupaOfficial





Lynxxx (Nigeria) | Image source: FabMagazineOnline.Com

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