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It has been an incredible year for women from all over the African continent and we have made a selection from a very long list of some of our favourite GoWomen this year.

Mo Abudu – Ebony Life TV – Visionary – Nigeria (Seen above with Christine Lagarde. Image source: The Independent, UK)

Mo Abudu launched Ebony Life TV last year but in the last 12 months Ebony Life has taken the African continent by storm with wide coverage via DSTV. Mo Abudu started off on screen with Moments with Mo, interviewing the likes of Hillary Clinton and Christine Lagarde. The fact that she took on the challenge to transition into wearing the “TV executive” hat is an amazing achievement on its own. We can only imagine the risks involved especially in a such a male dominated environment. And yet Ebony Life is growing! Mo Abudu broke through all the obstacles and deserves a standing ovation for creating a media platform that continues to share excellent and alternative content about us, as well as creating jobs in the industry for many of us.
I was born in England and I am very at home here, I went to school in London and Tunbridge Wells. I was probably the second or third black person in that school and you find that you are being continually asked questions that just boggle your mind. Do you guys live in trees? Do you guys dance around fires? What do you eat for breakfast? For ever and ever, I always felt that I had to fight to prove who I was. For me, I think somewhere deeply buried in my subconscious was a need to tell Africa’s story. My burning desire is just to tell everybody: listen, we’re not a bunch of savages. We really are gifted. ~ Mo Abudu, Meet Africa’s Oprah: Why Mosunmola ‘Mo’ Abudu wants to change the world’s view of her continent, The Independent


Ama K. Abrebese in her ‘Say No To Skin Bleaching and Skin Toning’ Campaign. Image source: AmeyawDebrah.Com

Ama K. Abebrese – TV Host and Actress – Ghana

Ama K. Abebrese launched a rather successful anti-bleaching/skin toning awareness campaign. She was the catalyst behind a group of celebrated female creatives from Ghana consisting of an actress, a model, a singer and a tv presenter  uniting in a bid to promote self love. Well natural skintone love to be precise. If you love yourself you’ll love the skin you’re in right? Pauline Oduro, Ama K. Abebrese, Nana Ama McBrown and Hamamat Montia are part of the Love Your Natural Skintone campaign. Ama K. Abrebese is an award winning actress, television presenter and producer best known for her role in the critically acclaimed movie, Sinking Sands. This year, Dencia successfully took over the media with her Whitenicious skin bleaching cream. It was important for the sake of self love and our continent that there was a positive counter reaction to that and this was it.

To encourage women and men of colour everywhere that our natural skin colour we are born with is beautiful, whatever complexion we are. Dark, light, and all shades, we resist from the practice of using chemicals creams, lotions, pills and cosmetics to whiten our skin. There are many dangers associated with skin bleaching. To also encourage without judgement those who have bleached /toned their skin that they can stop if they wish to do so as its never too late to embrace our natural skin. We love our natural skintone. ~ I Love My Natural Skintone Facebook Page

Nyamacoro Sarata Silla – Community Service – Sierra Leone
Nyamacoro Silla organized the Stop Rape Now Rainbow Centres Sponsored Walk this year, the first of its kind for Sierra Leone and the turn out was impressive. She has worked tirelessly to raise awareness on this issue. She eventually left the organisation to return back to the UK but it was only a matter of months before she was back in Sierra Leone volunteering in an ebola unit. We applaud her courage.
I am again at a crossroads and about to return to Sierra Leone over the next few days. Some months back I had decided that I was going to return to the UK for a longer spell to pursue other interests unfortunately or fortunately depends where you’re coming from that decision was overturned by events in West Africa and particularly Sierra Leone in so far as the spread of the Ebola virus is concerned. Having discussed with those near and dear to me I have decided that I am going back to work within an Ebola unit in Northern Sierra Leone. (Makeni /Lunsar area.) This area as I understand it is producing a fair amount of people testing positive for the virus. The work I will be involved in will include clinical work (looking after the sick) managing the operations and teaching.The team I will be working with is well put together, switched on,supportive and cohesive. I am grateful! Do please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. ~ Nyamacoro Sarata Sillah, Facebook
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Fatu Kekula. Image source: CNN
Fatu Kekula. Image source: CNN

Fatu Kekula –  “The One Woman Hospital” – Liberia

Fatu Kekula is a life saver. Not in the rhetorical sense that the word is usually thrown around. Referred to as the “one woman hospital” by CNN, her ingenuity saved her family from the deadly ebola virus. She nursed her father, mother, sister and cousin who had all tested positive without getting infected herself. The 22 year old in her final year of nursing school invented her own regime – the trash bag method:

Every day, several times a day for about two weeks, Fatu put trash bags over her socks and tied them in a knot over her calves. Then she put on a pair of rubber boots and then another set of trash bags over the boots. She wrapped her hair in a pair of stockings and over that a trash bag. Next she donned a raincoat and four pairs of gloves on each hand, followed by a mask. It was an arduous and time-consuming process, but Fatu was religious about it, never cutting corners. ~ Elizabeth Cohen, Woman Saves Relative From Ebola, CNN

Is there someone else we should know about? Leave us a comment with her name and tell us what makes her your GoWoman of the Year.

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