No vagina bleaching for me please


I never thought I would ever have to say this, but  please don’t bleach your vagina.

A cosmetics company in India claims that its “Clean and Dry Intimate Wash” will make your vagina not only fresh, but fair.

 “Designed to address the problems women face in their private parts, Clean and Dry Intimate Wash offers protection, fairness and freshness. To be used while showering, its special pH-balanced formula cleans and protects the affected area, and even makes the skin fairer. Life for women will now be fresher, cleaner, fairer!” – Watch video here

Since we are equally as obsessed about being lighter skinned here in West Africa one feels the need to say, even if you must bleach your skin please leave your vagina alone. Talc powder one of the ingredients often used in ‘Clean and Dry’ products can increase a woman’s risk for ovarian cancer. Research released in the US in 2011 showed that women who had used talc powder were more likely to get ovarian cancer.

If you manage to watch the commercial please tell me if  you can actually relate to that scene. You are sitting at home with your man and he wont even look at you. Then all of a sudden you go to the bathroom bleach your vagina and viola! Your man is looking at you again. Seriously? Is that how women are solving their relationship issues in India these days?

The cosmetics industry makes money from creating products for problems no one actually has. I mean how many of you have ever looked at your vagina and thought I wish it was lighter? First they tell us to buy feminine products to make the vagina smell like a garden, now they say make it lighter.

Any medical doctor would tell you that the vagina is actually a self cleaning organ. All you should need if you’re healthy is to wash your vagina with water and soap. Even the soap may not even be necessary as soap has a tendency to dry out the vagina’s mucous membrane. Further more, it is completely normal for the vagina to have an odor. Normal discharge is actually the vagina’s way of taking care of itself.  My advice to you is to leave the vagina alone because it can take care of itself. God made you and your body beautiful, and healthy.

I am not going anywhere near this rubbish until they release a bleach your penis intimate wash for men.

Author – VR

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