Natural remedies for the African GoWoman: Use lime and onions to bleach dark spots

800px-Red_onionsThere are a number of reasons why you may get dark spots, or scars on your skin. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by acne, your hormones, the sun, medication, and for some people their skin gets darker as they age.

Around that time of the month, I tend to break out on the top of my back and shoulders. Since I like to pick at things on my body, I peel off many of these dried bumps and cause scarring on my back and shoulders.

For someone who is brown skin like me these spots often look very black. At times I have been self conscious about the scars, and so I wear clothes that cover all of my back. As you can imagine living under the hot West African sun this can be really restrictive.

Not wanting to be stuck with discolored skin I took to the internet in search of answers. How can I naturally clear up black spots from my skin. There are two things I have found and tried that have worked considerably well for me; lime, and onions.

Lime or Lemon has natural bleaching properties in the acid found in its juice. With continued use the lime juice not only dries out the spots, but it also removes the dead skin and returns your original complexion. I usually just cut the lime into two and start squeezing and rubbing it into affected areas, but you can buy already pressed lime juice and use a cotton ball to apply it to your skin. Let it stay on for at least 15 minutes. I  usually let the juice dry on my skin and when I have bad breakouts I do it twice a day, in the morning and at night before I go to sleep. I don’t rinse it off.

Red Onions are also really powerful in breaking down dead skin cells. Onions have Vitamins A, C and E. Together these groups of vitamins are anti-oxidants, that help reduce damage caused to the skin by the suns UV rays. You can juice the onion  but I don’t usually have time for that. I simple cut the onion and squeeze and rub it on the affected areas. I only do this at night though, because I certainly don’t want to spend my day smelling like the kitchen.

I also use lime juice, and red onions on my elbows, and on my feet. Wearing slippers as much as we do in West Africa, a GoWoman’s feet can take a beating from the sun. I have known many women to actually buy bleaching products to rub on their feet but it makes them look unsightly. Rubbing lime juice and onions WILL NOT make your skin lighter than what God has blessed you with, BUT it will return your skin to its original glow. So hit the kitchen and get to rubbing.


  1. iam a man and i wont me and my wife skin to look push fresh and healthy but we dont want to use bleaching products as its sin to God to change your colour but usingt this lime and onions is it not a sin if no then direct me me haw to prepare it and haw to use it

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