A video of a young woman stripped naked by men in Nairobi, Kenya for “dressing indecently” has gone viral.

They called her “Jezebel,” a despised bible character who is depicted as a heartless, wanton woman – a temptress.

What she had worn was too provocative, they said – so the young men catcalled and hurled insults – and when she tried to defend herself, they attacked then stripped her.

The video footage, taken in a central Nairobi bus terminus last week, went viral. It is shocking to say the least, and quite difficult to watch without cringing. In the same week, another two women allegedly suffered the same humiliation.

These incidents have sparked outrage and an open online debate about how an African woman should dress.



This camp is pro the idea that women should be allowed to make their choices and wear whatever they want however they want and that their choice of dressing should not make people respect them any less


This is the camp that the men are apparently squatting under. Somehow they feel entitled to an opinion about the way women dress. They say that women can dress however they want as long as it doesn’t give rise to  uncontrollable sexual desires as if all men are just dogs roaming around fixated on anything in a short skirt infringe on anyone’s rights. In other words women should refrain from wearing anything too provocative.

But who dictates the scale of provocation? Whoever it is, and wherever they are, there is absolutely no justification for undressing someone in public because they do not fit your moral ideals. Give her the side eye if you must but leave her alone!

Dear GoWoman, if you are in Kenya, to save yourself the embarrassment, kindly measure the length of your skirt before you leave your house. Or better still, wear the trousers! We need stronger women, physically, vocally, mentally, in every way shape or form if we are to rid Africa of such primitive behaviour unnecessary assaults against womankind.

Source: AlJazeera

Image source: IB Times


  1. i believe a woman is suppose to be able to flaunt her beauty whatever way she deems fit, who set those social norms in the first place ; humans ryt? but biblically, being the temptation itself is pretty what i think the men are asking the ladies not to be. Not because guys move around chasing anything in skirt but it kinda pulls the moral standards of that community down with it.. #JustAnOpinion

  2. My dear these are sex starved goons they stripped a middle aged lady in jeans! Until these fools are arrested and prosecuted these idiots will find any excuse to strip a woman you can be covered from head to toe but these idlers will still say you dressed indecently!

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