Manage my purse: African Woman when Money come, Money for grow

ManagemypurseGoWomanMoney come, money go. That’s the most many of us know about managing money. We diligently chase after it but spend it just as soon as we get it.

While we may have limited sources of income, the opportunities to spend are infinite. From living expense bills, fashion must haves, and nights out on the town, money gets really hard to keep, let alone grow. I mean whats a girl to do about all these weddings, celebrations, and especially the relatives who come to ask for small change?

How do you fulfill your dream of living a fabulous life in the midst of it all? How do you acquire wealth or build a legacy? In 2013, Forbes announced that Folorunsho Alakija, a Nigerian was the richest black woman in the world. At the top of it all, Alakija proves that African women are resilient, hard working, and capable of financial success. We might not all be aiming to reach Alakija’s level, but her story should inspire all of us to become financially independent GoWomen.

Welcome to Manage My Purse! This is your platform as a GoWoman to share information, and to discuss how to best tips on how to manage your personal finances home in Africa, and abroad. Your Finances should not be a source of wahala! They are certainly complex in today’s consumer society, but it is necessary to prioritize one’s finances in order to build a stable and decent life. All it takes is information, planning, a bit of rigor (read sacrifices), and no excuses!

Over the next year, we are going to be each others support system. You can continue to be a supportive daughter, wife, sister, mother or friend without compromising your needs and while satisfying your obligations to your loved ones.

To end the vicious cycle of brokeness we are going to show you how to do the following;

Make smart financial decisions

Choose the best instruments for saving

Identify investment opportunities

Venture into entrepreneurship

Negotiate a salary

You will be served with tips, tricks, tools, opportunities and real life examples, and lessons.

Money will no longer be a taboo, and it is only by being open about how much it takes to do x and where to find that money will we each be realistic about our goals and actually achieve them. We will try to keep it 100% and give figures, sources, and experiences that you can relate to, that will motivate you, and that will help you get organized. Finally, we will be committed to high ethical standards, uphold transparency and integrity and keep it halal ;-).

The Purse Pulse will help you to check on your progress and measure your milestones through time.

Our ultimate  goal is financial independence and financial stability because as GoWomen we seek to build our own wealth. When money come, money for grow.

Watch this space!

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