Have you heard about the new generation “trophy wives”?

JayZ-Beyonce-Will-Jada[pullquote]When Mark Zuckerberg married his college sweetheart, Priscilla Chan, he married a woman who isn’t only eye candy; she’s a medical school graduate with eyes on a career who clearly demonstrates the new parity among married couples. Priscilla is not alone. Sociologist Christine Whelan, in her 2006 book Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women, documented that research has found higher-income women are more likely to marry than women with less earning potential and they are marrying partners with equal high-income.[/pullquote]

Once upon a time a trophy wife was eye candy – a woman who’s main role was to look good by the side of her man. She did’t have to think or speak talk less of work! However, the Huffington Post has reported that “the term “trophy wife” has taken on a new, more upscale meaning. Men are finding the most attractive and sexually desirable women are not brainless beauties whose sole function is to look good and stay quiet, but women who are making good money and are in positions of power.”

We cannot say that we are surprised that the woman who once got ahead by her looks and the generosity of Bank of Sugar Daddy is being replaced by the woman who is just as ambitious as her man and has aspirations to reach the top by her own merit. We already told you that a man is not a financial plan!

So ladies, work! No more free loading because you are fly. Not that you GoWomen need to be told but as Dr Juan, an anthropologist put it:

A really strong man wants a woman who is equal to him, that is the truth of it now. A weak man wants someone that is docile and a servant to him — it is a real sign of insecurity in a man to want a brainless trophy wife. Wives can be beautiful, intelligent and have careers and opinions just as strong as their partners.

Stay fly by all means but make sure your resume and bank balance are looking independently fly too while you are at it. Golddiggers are a thing of the past. Miss Independent is the new sexy!

Who are some of your  favourite power couples? Leave us a comment below.

Source: The Huffington Post

Image Source: BlackAndMarriedWithKids.Com

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