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We have just finalised the content list for GoWoman issue 3 and are already editing. There is still time for you to add your voice. Here is how…
Nairobi Blue
Nairobi Blue

Are you a Lupita Nyong’o fan? Tell us why…
Undoubtedly our favourite success story so far this year, Lupita stays slaying from cinema screens to red carpet events and magazine covers. As we watch her journey and share in her triumph, we have also had the privilege of hearing her personal story of self discovery, self belief and self love. If that speech on BEAUTY moved you or her story has inspired you in anyway we would like to hear from you.

GoWoman Bookclub: Americanah
Have you read Chimamanda Adichie’s Americanah? Did you enjoy it? Did it resonate? Did you not like it? Interesting views to share? To be featured in issue 3 send your reviews along with your #GoWomanReads Selfie of you with your book.
Ask  a GoWoman Guru
We dont have an agony aunt but we have a team of specialists waiting to answer your questions. From fashion to healthy eating to love issues and tips on starting a new business we have experienced GoWoman Gurus eager to help. Send us your questions.
fibroidsHealth Feature: Fibroids
We find that many women are suffering with this in silence. We would like to share your stories with our readers with the hopes of starting a real conversation. By sending us your answers to these questions you give us permission to publish your story.
1. What were some of the early symptoms of fibroids that led you to seek medical help?
2. How long did you endure the symptoms before you sought medical advice?
3. Where and how did you find out that you had fibroids? What kind of tests if any did you have to undergo? Were they costly? How did you pay for them?4. How was or has your life been impacted by fibroids?
5. What information if any did the doctors give you about fibroids and its prevalence in your community?
6. Before you were diagnosed what did you know about fibroids? How has your knowledge of fibroids changed since?
7. Were you able to treat your fibroids? If so what treatment did you chose? What were/are the risks? Is it costly? How did you pay or will you pay for the treatment?
8. What do you think needs to be done so that your experience with fibroids if it was negative would not happen to other women like you.
9. Do you have a message for other women about fibroids?
10. Is there anything else we haven’t asked you or covered that you will like to share with our readers?
HowAreWeDoingHelp Us GROW
What is your opinion of GoWoman so far? Good, bad or indifferent we would love to hear from you.
Please send ALL responses with PHOTOGRAPHS to GoWoman editor Pamilerin Beckley via [email protected]
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