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Uzo Aduba (Orange Is The New Black) – Uzo “Crazy Eyes” Aduba – Uzo’s portrayal of Crazy Eyes in the Netflix hit OITNB is quite possibly one of the best breakthrough performances in recent times. If a character actor is defined as one who portrays individualities and eccentricities, then Nigerian American actress Uzo Aduba is one of the finest of our time. There are very few actors and actresses anywhere who possess the ability to completely disappear in a character as she has with Crazy Eyes. After watching just one episode of Uzo on OITNB I had to look her up, and like her Facebook page immediately. The woman is amazing.

WATCH: Uzo Aduba on Late Night With Seth Meyers

If you are on Instagram you need this app
If you are on Instagram you need this app

RepostApp for Instagram – I love Instagram, who doesn’t. Self promotion at its finest. However sometimes I find an image with caption that so perfectly sums up a feeling or situation that I just have to share. Taking a screen grab would allow you to save the picture but the RepostApp immediately copies the caption into your clipboard and allows you to share both the image and the words shared by the original person thus allowing you to give credit and show others where you got the information. Sharing is caring but giving credit where its due is even better. You can get it in the Google Play Store for Android.

The shop front. You need to visit. Tell them we sent you.

Bespoke by Christie Brown  – A lot of you may have had a tailor sew you a dress or two in your lifetime, but how many of you have had a designer make you something bespoke? Aisha Oboubi has been in Ghana’s Fashion design scene since 2008. Today she has a boutique of her own where you can pick up prêt-apporté clothing. If you have a couple hundred cedis to spare though, I would recommend that you to have an item designed for you by Ms Aisha herself. I recently had her make some pieces for me, including an orange aso oke I bought 2 years ago. When I put on the vest she made for me using the fabric I immediately got that warm fuzzy feeling women often get when they put on a beautiful piece of garment. It was love at first try.

HeartOFSLSierra Leonean Men – So yes I have a new boyfriend and stop the press; he is Sierra Leonean! Now if you’re not from Sierra Leone you won’t understand why this is shocking. Our fellas have a really bad reputation (though many deserve it), so imagine my shock and surprise that I have fallen in love with a Sierra Leonean man that is completely normal, not a womanizer, and half way through getting his PHD. Now I don’t mean to brag but shut the front door! That being said I just want the rest of you Salone sistas out there to know that finding love again is possible and it is possible with a Salone brother.

unnamed-2Pure Essence Coconut Oil – If you haven’t already heard all the rave about coconut oil please see Google. For the past couple of months I have been using nothing but coconut oil on my skin and it has worked miracles. I found 100% coconut oil at Pure Essence in Osu. I use the same jug to cook and oil my skin. How many times can you find something that does your body good both on the inside and out? Until further notice I am rubbing nothing else on this skin but 100% Pure Essence Coconut oil.  I have thrown one into the GoWoman Goodie bag just for you. Read the editor’s note to find out how you can get your hands on it.

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