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Tank and his Sexy Love

His & Hers Styling – Dear Future Husband, this could be us. I promise to never wear Africana when you are in a suit. I hope you feel the same. Yes. A fashion faux pas by my style standards. We dont have to match or look like twins but we must compliment each other and this instaglam shot of one of my all time favourite singers Tank (Durrell Babbs) and his boo, states everything you need to know about his and hers styling. Just look at her Versaces! I say you can judge a gentleman by his brogues and a lady by her shoes. PS Shoutout to Tank. Go check out his latest album Stronger.

Pieces of Me | Ledisi

R&B Junkie – I am a sucker for sentimental music. Real rhythm and blues. Music that communicates a feeling or tells a story. Ledisi’s 2011 album Pieces Of Me has been on replay and it carried me through the entire process of pulling what would have been issue 3 together. The whole album is an uplifting songbook of GoWoman anthems but it is the title track Pieces Of Me, that is the chosen one for this issue. Check out my editor’s note to see how you can win a copy. And as a side note, please check out Black Star Elephant by Nico and Vinz, one of my top 5 albums this year.

From the Kitchen of Yours Truly

3CrevetteCubesCrevette Cubes by Maggi – This editor extraordinaire is also a chef extraordinaire when she choses to be. Every chef has a secret ingredient. Mine is no secret. Well not anymore. This food seasoning most times is all I need and even though it is shrimp flavoured I put it in everything. Try it! Your kitchen will never be the same again.

And we have one waiting just for you!

Viktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb – I am so in love with this scent that I am giving it away in our GoWoman Goodie bag. Go here to find out why I love it so much and again, check out my editor’s note to find out how you can win it.

My dream boss

Olivia Pope – I am not a bandwagoner. Most times I champion underdogs. I tend to follow the least popular trends and tread paths very few care to follow but Scandal is one hype I chose believe. I caught on to it late which was a blessing in disguise because I was able to spend a whole weekend watching episodes back to back. Olivia Pope is the coolest boss in the world! Please pass me my white hat. I am a gladiator in a suit with sky scraping heels to boot! And oh did I tell you that Kerry Washington is my BFF? Yes in my head she is. Scandal is now available on Netflix.

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