Ghana: Ama Dela’s 7 tips for being a Personal Assistant on fleek

Ama-Dela-GoWoman-How-to-be-a-Personal Assistant

1. Observe Everything – Be observant so that you can be helpful and being helpful means taking the initiative to do work without instruction.
E.g. I can see my boss often holding her baby and trying to work and I can tell she needs help. So I’ll go take her baby from her so she can get her job done. I don’t wait for her to tell me I just go and take him.

2. Personalize your boss’s goals – Whatever she wants to achieve becomes your goals and you have to make the person’s priorities your own. It’s not about you, it’s about them and supporting them as they achieve their goals. When you do this it helps you focus more on getting the job done.
3. Believe & Be Proud – You need to believe in your employer by this I mean having full confidence in their brand, their abilities, and what they are trying to accomplish. When you believe in the brand this will make you proud of being the person’s assistant and it provides further motivation to get the work done.
4. Write it down – You are human. You are definitely going to forget so you have to take notes. It is your duty to remind your employer to get things done so taking notes reminds you to update your employer. Forgetting is never an option. Kwasia!
5. Ask for a day off – A personal assistant has very limited time and sometimes it can get frustrating when you have to put off taking care of you. This means that ever so often and in advance you should ask for time off. If you have been delivering on the tips above your employer will definitely give you time off because they will understand and appreciate you both for your candor in making the request and also because they know that when you are at work you give 110%.
6. You have to zip it – On the first day I met my employer I asked her what was the most important thing about being her assistant. Her response? Everything you see, read, and hear both personal and professional is confidential. As I have gotten to know her I realize how so necessary it is to really just know how to zip it. You are absolutely going to know and hear things about your boss, based on proximity that are not really about your job but that you will come to know. It then becomes part of your job to keep those personal things, personal.
7. Don’t take liberties with your liberal employer – You might get really lucky to work for someone who is free and liberal. But do not forget the boundaries. Even if on Friday you are hanging out drinking at a bar, on Monday it is business as usual and you can not forget that your job is still their assistant. It’s okay to be cool with your employer but your boss is still your boss.

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