For being a sexy mother at the Grammys Beyonce gets hate


Beyonce and Jay Z happy, sexy, and in love as they perform at the Grammys

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s performance of “drunk in love” at the Grammys last night was SEXY, smoking HOT and off the CHAIN! So, it wasn’t surprising that we woke up to a variety of jealous reactions ranging from not so subtle pictures basically referring her as a bitch, to self-righteous people claiming moral hierarchy and crying foul, by pointing out that she’s a mom and should refrain from capitalizing on her sex appeal. Though not surprised, I still find such hypocrisy and shade throwing from other women, directed towards this bold, beautiful woman appalling and indicative of the deep seated insecurities that afflict so many of our women in society today. The stupid doggy pictures speak for themselves, and I don’t think they really warrant a response other than laughter.

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Social media haters did this and Madame Noire actually put it on their website. They said it was funny but isn’t there enough out there of black women being likened to dogs?

However, it always irks me when people try to use motherhood, or marriage as a suppressing agent of women’s sexuality. On one hand, we extol the virtues of motherhood, and marriage and the sacrifices (stretch marks, weight gain, self-sacrifice, etc.) it takes to bring forth the next generation, while repudiating her claim to sexuality; the birthright of womanhood. I do NOT believe any HEALTHY, red-blooded woman, aspires to become less desirable as a result of motherhood or marriage and why should she? It would seem that, once a woman becomes aware of herself as a goddess and takes on the difficult challenge of redefining and accepting herself as such; the cretins emerge from the shadows, proudly waving their banners of insecurity, wielding their weapons of “virtue” to keep the fearless ones in check.

In the case of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, I found it especially interesting that people choose to find fault with a successful married couple reveling in their youth, harmony, fortune and desire with each other. Isn’t that the point of living life to the fullest?

If Beyoncé makes you feel insecure, work on you booboo and eventually others might be hating on you too…but stop using marriage and motherhood as a reason to justify envy, under achieving at being your personal best (in areas you feel insecure) and enjoying your growth process. If you can’t find the will or courage to do more for you; then take several seats, stay in your narrow lane, shut up and make room for the grown women who are comfortable in their beautiful skin.

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  1. I’m with you, Butterfly. The hypocrisy level is sky high, and the insecurities, well…there is not enough water in the ocean to fill that well. Jay and Bey are successful, happy and most importantly, in love. I’m sure it’s all that matters to them. And if they’re smart, which obviously they are, the haters are much appreciated for the part they play in keeping them relevant. 😉 I personally look forward to seeing more celebrated couples like this in the years to come.

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