Congratulations Ms. Winfrey! An Ode To OPRAH…

I think I speak or write for a lot of black women in the media all over the world when I say Oprah Winfrey is an inspiration. I was completely awe-struck as I watched the quintessential GoWoman in her element on the Jonathan Ross show over the weekend and on Lorraine during the week. I was full of admiration. Yes she is awesome! And even as I admire her “awesomeness”, I couldn’t aspire to be her. Her Louboutins are too great to fill! That kind of greatness often comes with great responsibilities and even greater expectations. They say many are called; few are chosen, but only one of the chosen ones will ever be Oprah Winfrey!

When someone achieves such affluence and influence, it is sometimes difficult to look past the money and the power. People easily forget that behind it all, there is a heart and a soul akin to the rest of us. It is also very easy to forget her humble beginnings not to talk of her pain and suffering. For someone whose grandmother’s greatest wish for her was that she is blessed with a nice white family who wouldn’t maltreat her while she serves them as their slave… Let’s just say Grandma would be beyond proud!

I am thankful that I didn’t have to sit at the back of the bus or use the toilet for “coloureds” but even more so, I am thankful that in my lifetime, Oprah lives and reigns as the supreme queen of  greatness; an icon that ALL women regardless of their race can look up to. For receiving the US Medal of Freedom yesterday, the highest civilian award in the United States, we at GoWoman will like to send her hearty congratulations. There will never be another you Ms. Winfrey but we promise to keep learning, keep striving, keep pounding pavements, keep shattering glass ceilings for as long as you keep “going” and even beyond!

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