3 steps to becoming an African GoWoman in 2014

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Like you everything did not go as we would have hoped in 2013, but we made lots of progress. Last year was the beginning of the GoWoman movement, but this year we shall go forth, and prosper.

That being said we want to dedicate our very first post in this new year to getting everyone up to date on what it is to be a GoWoman. People still ask us what makes a GoWoman, how does one become one, and we even get requests for membership.

GoWoman is not a club. Its a way of life, and most importantly a state of mind. There are 3 really important steps to becoming an African GoWoman, and here they are in no order.

1. Focus on getting rich not marrying rich (no living off a man)

A lot of young African women worry about finding a husband, but even more worry about finding one with money. We spend a lot of time and energy trying to attract men with money. We are convinced that getting a man with money to spend an endless amount of money on our wants and needs will answer all our problems. A GoWoman is different. A GoWoman is focused on making her own money, She wants to be rich and not marry rich. A man is not an ATM. While she may want to marry, and finding love, and companionship is more important to her than finding a rich man. She wants to make her own money, and to one day be rich on her own terms.

2. Believe in you:

Self belief is the key to success. This is the one thing that every successful woman we’ve featured here has to say. Whether they be rich or poor, live in the diaspora or at home, African GoWomen say that if not for confidence, and a belief in their own abilities that they wouldn’t have gone far. A GoWoman has to believe in herself if she is to start her own business, follow her dreams, or find the will to overcome obstacles. When a GoWoman meets a problem she cant solve she says, “I believe in me”, musters up the courage, and keeps on going.

3. If there is no way, make one:

A GoWoman is by nature a self starter, and a pioneer. Many of the things you want may not already exist. The job or position you want may not ever have had a woman at the helm. You may want to start a new business, but you don’t have all the resources. A GoWoman looks at a challenge, not as a road block but as an opportunity to do more. GoWomen compete only with themselves. They set their own goals, and are constantly seeking opportunities for growth. She hears “no” just like everyone else, but she doesn’t let that stop her. Where there isn’t a way, a GoWoman will make one.

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